All water usage is metered and the customer is only charged for the water that runs through

the meter.

Otis Mutual Domestic Water’s Management and Board of Directors strives hard to keep Otis Water System running with the newest technology. The last several years the Board has been purchasing radio read meters and installing throughout the system. At present time approximately 2/3 of the system has been upgraded and have Badger radio read meters installed. These are positive displacement meters. They have precision accuracy and are equipped with a radio transmitter.

The service guys do not even have to get out of their trucks in most instances to read the meters.  With an Orion Handheld that has been uploaded with the customer’s information they can drive down the street and the radio signals are transmitted to the handheld unit with the accurate reading. When finished meter reading the handhelds or trembles are brought back to the office and downloaded into the billing software and customers’ accounts updated.

If there is a large bill, we are able to run what is called a profile on the water meter. This is done by going to the location and obtaining a computer readout to the handheld and then downloaded to the office for printing. These profile reports are actually able to tell you exactly how much water has ran through your meter every hour of the day. This has been very beneficial for alerting customers and helping them to find leaks they were unaware of.

Click above to view a sample profile. As you can see this meter had a leak or the water was left on because it keeps running around the clock.