In March of 2013 the manager of Otis Water alerted the board of directors that the water levels had

dropped 20 feet since last year and recently had dropped 3ft in a month.

Historically, the months of April through September are the high demand period for Otis Water System

and without some form of conservation; the Board was not sure that we would be able to service all of

our customers for the summer without running out of water. Emergency actions had to be taken.

Since Otis Mutual Domestic is not a municipality and does not have the right to impose

ordinances on their customers the Board made a decision to implement a rate increase.

Otis Mutual Domestic Water Rate Sheet
AS OF APRIL 01, 2014
Base 5/8"
0-5000 Gallons $33.76

5,001-10,000 Gallons  1.50 Per Thousand
10,001-25,000 Gallons 5.50 Per Thousand
25,001-50,000 Gallons 9.58 Per Thousand
50,001-55,000 Gallons 15.16 Per Thousand
55,001 Gallons - UP  20.96 Per Thousand