What if I didn't get a bill in the mail?

If you have not received your bill by the 5th of the month please contact us, we can take your payment over the phone, give you the amount due.

Keep in mind that the bill is always due by 4:00 pm  on the 10th of the month and that not receiving your bill does not exempt you from disconnection of services.

Can I pay field personnel in order to keep my water service on?

No. Water Utility workers are not allowed to take any form of payment in the field.

If my water is shut off for non-payment, how long will it take to be turned on?

It will be turned on the same day payment in full is made.

Who is responsible for leaks?

If the leak occurs on your property it is the responsibility of the homeowner. If the leak is on our side of the meter, please contact us and we will come out and fix promptly.

Why didn't someone from Otis MDWCA tell me that my water service was going to be interrupted?

Otis MDWCA make every effort to avoid inconveniencing its customers with unscheduled water shutoffs. However, sometimes these circumstances are out of our control. We do not know when a water main may break.

No one knocked on the door to tell me my water was being disconnected. Why?

This is a safety issue in order to help protect our Utility Workers.

There is a rotten egg smell coming from my water?

In order to eliminate this smell, determine if it is coming from the hot or cold tap. If the hot tap you need to turn up your water heater to a minimum of 165 degrees. Temperatures lower than this allows bacteria to grow inside your hot water heater. Another option for addressing the hot water smell is replacing an old aluminum or magnesium anode in the water heater with an aluminum/zinc anode. If the problem, persist and if it is your cold water tap- call our office and we will schedule for a Water Utility Operator to flush the lines.

Whom do I call if I suspect a problem with the water?

If during office hours contact our office at 236-6351. After hours, call 361-5501, 361-5499, 200-3651 or 361-5502, our "On Call" service is available 24 hours a day.